The right word,
in the right place

Beyond words

We are technical, legal and financial translation professionals. We have chosen a profession we enjoy, one we do with passion.

Our language combinations

At Ticero, we are French and German language specialists.

But of course we also provide services in English, and can offer many other language combinations (on request).


Our technical, legal and financial translations will help you grow your business and raise the profile of your brand internationally.

Our team can adapt your existing communication material for new markets.

Crisis communication, multilingual press reviews, sensitive material and other corporate communication designed to present your message clearly and accurately.

We can arrange the services of an interpreter for conferences, events or internal meetings.

We can have your German-French translations certified as accurate by a legal expert of the Court of Appeal of Versailles.


  • 15 years of experience
  • 300 technical documents each year
  • 2.5 million words each year


Our business areas

Powertrain, design, electromobility

Manufacturing and process industry

Machine level HMI, programming, maintenance, training

Industrial control, LV power distribution, CNC automation systems, drive technology

Power generation, power transmission, power grids

Consolidated financial statements, IFRS, auditing and reporting

Company law, competition law, commercial law, civil and criminal proceedings

Press releases, brochures, advertising

Medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics

LANs, WANs, dedicated information systems

Air and rail transportation


Your contacts:

Franck Stahl

Project Manager,
Chief Executive Officer
Automotive, Home appliances

Laura Chabrol

Client Account Manager
Healthcare, Cosmetics, Industry, Electronics